Firmware Update:

Firmware 2.3

1.After GoPro 12 upgraded 2.20 firmware, when remote control remote control turns off GoPro 12, GoPro may turn on again.
This update solves this problem.
Remotes shipped after May 20, 2024 use this firmware by default.

How to Update:

  1. Please download the apk file above and install it on your Android phone.
  2. Put the remote control into the update mode: press and hold the wrench key of the remote control, and then press the power button of the remote control, the four indicators will light up.
  3. Open the app you just downloaded on your mobile phone, follow the text prompts on the screen , click the button to search for the remote control, and then update it.
  4. When upgrading to 100%, the remote control will shut down.