User Guide and Downloads


Thank you for choosing YOCTOP YSG05L  remote control!

Each of our products is tested before shipping, so if you encounter a problem, it is likely to be an operation problem, or the camera itself has a software failure, and you need to reset to factory settings.

Any questions and dissatisfaction, please contact us.



The operation video is as follows:


Download the user guide here:

Before browsing this page, please Note the model number displayed on the splash screen or find the model number on the back of the remote control and make sure that the model is YSG05L not YSG05. Please note that different models have different firmware and operating methods.


Click to Download Firmware YSG05L v3.92


DO NOT rename the Firmware files please.

Change Logs for V3.92:

1、Adapted for Hero 12 and new Gopro Firmware

Change Logs for V3.81:

1、Adapted for new gopro Firmware

Change Logs for V3.7:

  1. Fix some problems with the new firmware of gopro9

Change Logs for V3.6:

  1. Support Hero 11 Mini

Change Logs for V3.36:

  1. Support Hero 11

Change Logs for V3.35:

  1. New function!Rotation function for Screen


Change Logs for V3.34:

  1. Improved UI for multiple camera controls
  2. Added text prompts when connecting
  3. New function! In Timewarp mode, when recording, press the mode key to switch the speed.


Upgrade Guide:

  1. Turn off the Remote.Pressing the setting button and then turn remote on to make the remote enter the setting mode.
  2. Connect the Wi-Fi hotspot SSID HERO-RC-XXXXXX with your computer or Android phone.(Don not use iphone/iPad)
  3. Open in your web browser.
  4. Click Choose File to select the Firmware file.
  5. Click Update button and wait for remote to finish update.